Our Story

“I have always appreciated seeing the transition from deteriorated and ugly into something new and beautiful. I am in awe of how such a dramatic change can come from a simple, quality paint job.”

In 1992, I was 19 years old and was interested in working with my hands to create beauty. I had always been fascinated with the architectural painting process so I sought out employment in the painting industry.

I learned early on how to correctly identify and prepare a surface to be painted, how to mask properly, proper application techniques, and the importance of using quality materials.

In 2005, I felt as if I had enough experience under my belt to venture out into the contracting world. I had an overwhelming desire to provide customers with superior service, quality paint, and a long-lasting paint job which is something not a lot of contractors can do well.

I take my job very seriously. Every day, I try my best to stay true to my roots and to live up to the ideals that inspired me to start my own business. We treat every home like it is our own.

At Two Brothers Painting, LLC our employees are very important to us. We treat our employees like family. I feel that happy employees are the key to providing the best craftmanship to our customers. We are Two Brothers, We are a Family.

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