Color-Matching + Sampling

It might be fun to pick out those color swatches at the store, but they’re not a reliable way to match color to existing interior paint–even if you know you’re purchasing the same color as before. The printing method used to create these swatches is not the same type of color process used to mix actual paint, so getting an accurate idea of what your color will look like can be a challenge. You’ll want to rely on a competent Portland, OR, interior painter to do the job correctly.

Elements that affect color matching:

  • Age
    Interior paint color changes as it ages. Paint applied a year ago will not look the same when reapplied or touched up, even if you’re using leftovers from the same can you’ve been saving in the basement. All colored objects change over time due to weather, exposure to UV light and air conditions, and how the surface is treated. Is it in the kitchen where it’s wiped down with a rag every so often? Is it in the basement where it’s dark and humid?
  • Metamerism
    Metamerism is when the same color can look like a completely different color in different light conditions. This complicates an interior painter’s job, even more, when attempting to match paint color in your home.
  • Gloss and Sheen
    Eggshell? Flat? Satin? Sheen dramatically affects the color of paint. It can trick the eye into seeing a slightly brighter or richer version of a color. Make sure your interior painting professional does a sample brush out of all the different types of finishes.

Two Brothers Painting always applies a sample brush out of all your finish paint drawn from existing formulas, computer spectrophotometer color matches, or color card selections. All paint colors are approved for coverage and appearance by you prior to the start of the finished painting.

At Two Brothers Painting, LLC we offer, to our clients who sign a contract with us for $5,000 or greater, professional color consultation with a designer at no extra charge!

If you’re seeking a color matching professional to help you with interior painting please contact us at: (503) 820-1832

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